Bergmann Bandage Scissors

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Product Description

Our Bergmann Bandage Scissor comes with special probe tip to maneuver through different layers of bandages. Cuts thick plasters, bandages, thick dressings, tubes as well as sutures.

Especially include heavy pattern blades that allow effortless dissection. This is because they allow efficient transmission of force along the thin blades.

The bandage scissor has probe tip that prevents soft tissue damage. The smooth outer curves of the instrument allow it to move through structures without trauma. In addition the instrument has angled blades which help it to access narrow spaces. Especially useful for cutting open plaster casts.
The Bergmann Bandage Scissor includes ergonomic ring handles for comfortable handling. The light weight of the instrument and the streamlined design decrease user fatigue.

The short shanks and blades of the instrument improve control as well as precision of surgeon.

Made in premium quality stainless steel with satin finish to prevent glare. The instrument can be sterilized and reused.