Needle Holders width Tungsten Carbide Inserts Straight 16cm

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Product Description

The ARRUGA hard metal needle holder is particularly well suited for placing ligatures on the middle surface of the operating field. This needle holder allows you to tension and relax the needle with one hand thanks to its spring-loaded handle. In the case of a longer ligature, it is therefore largely possible to dispense with reaching around.

    ARRUGA needle holder in 16 CM with hard metal inserts (TC) and a gold-plated spring handle.
    Tungsten carbide jaws with a serrated profile in the mouth
    Surgical or medical stainless steel
    Sterilizable - Autoclavable - Reusable

All carbide needle holders from Ves Instruments have a ground profile and a matt surface. This ensures a firm hold of the needle and guarantees glare-free work. The guarantee period for our TC needle holders is 5 years when used and sterilized properly. Of course, all of our TC needle holders are CE-certified and in surgical quality.